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About IvyPanda

IvyPanda was designed with the sole purpose of helping students improve their performance and achieve their goals. We offer students from all over the world the opportunity to boost their learning capabilities by working with academic experts. Thanks to their rich academic background, they can provide high-quality professional assistance, making the study process much more efficient.

For those of you wondering how else can IvyPanda be useful for students, here’s the list of what you’ll find when you visit the website:

  • Free Essay Database. We hold an in immense collection of academic paper examples donated by real students. You can use those works for inspiration, reference, or research completely free of charge.
  • Online Writing Tools. This is a selection of handy software solutions to help students simplify all the boring and monotonous tasks and take their academic performance to the next level.
  • Study Blog. This is an informative hub filled with helpful articles, tips, detailed guides, writing ideas, and professional advice.
  • Literature Guides. Speaking of guides, there’s a whole separate section dedicated to in-depth analysis of literary works. It has everything from short summaries and plot analyses to discussions of characters, themes, and topics.
  • Expert Q&A. Have a specific academic question you want to ask our experts but feel like it’s not big enough for them to respond? The website has a section where all the most common and popular questions are answered. And if you can’t find anything similar to your query, you can use the form to send your question to our specialists.

We've opened the IvyPanda shop to offer useful, stylish merchandise that will make students stand out in the crowd and help spread the word about our platform.